Project Updates

Welcome to the announcements section! Here you’ll find announcements and media mentions of DAOstack. Most threads by default will be locked to prevent crowding.

Governance protocols

This is where discussions around protocols for DAO governance happen.

The Genesis DAO

Discussion relating to Alchemy - the first dApp built on the DAO stack - and its first use case, the Genesis DAO. This includes the GEN token, the current stage of the Genesis DAO, its schemes and restraints, and current proposals.

The Collaborative Ecosystem

Discussion relating to blockchain technology, cryptocurrency markets, or current political or socioeconomic trends and movements. Introductions and off-topic discussion also live here.


This is where general discussions around DAOs happen. It is also where users can share ideas for use cases.

Development & The DAO Stack

Discussion relating to the development of Arc (the modular Solidity framework for the operation and governance of Agencies), Arc.js (the friendly Javascript API layer) and dApps built on top of the DAO stack, as well as general smart contract best practices and industry updates.


This is where discussions around protocols for DAO economics will happen.


Discussion about this site, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.