Current details on Menlo One partnership #fromtelegram


Q.) Alex Cort (@Blockdaddy) from the community Telegram asked: "What is DAOstack’s partnership with Menlo One?"

A.) Answered by @matan [CEO/Architect]:

Hey Alex. Originally were building an interface for ICOs, crypto investments, collective funds, etc. and the partnerhsip was based on their desire to build the collective funds and collective curation of crypto investments based on the DAOstack governance engine.

Recently Menlo have been pivoted to a broader scope (see their website) and we still have to follow up with them to understand the nature of our cooperation moving forward.

We’re actively working with a few big projects, and constantly speaking with many others, and so these conversations are often delayed. We expect to announce a few more exciting partnerships in the coming month or two of projects building cool stuff on the stack.