Q3/Q4 2018 Roadmap #fromtelegram


Q.) In our community Telegram it was asked by Xjo (@xjodxb) "would be great to share with the community the latest progress in terms of product dev, milestones, partnerships etc. this is what I am craving for on my side."

A.) Answered by @matan [DAOstack CEO/Architect]:

After a few weeks of putting our heads down to re-organize and shift much of the project effort from campaign into successfully delivering mass-adopted products, and with that changing the way people organize on the planet at large scales, we are now back in that track in full capacity.

Recent effort and progress include:

  • re-organize the team and build a 6-month dev/product roadmap (will be published soon)

  • getting the GEN listed on exchanges

  • starting development with our early DApp partners (DutchX of Gnosis is much of our coming focus and another exciting one is still stealth)

  • preparing to launch the first live Alchemy pilot (after completing the “QA pilot”) this week.

  • architecting the next stage of the DAO stack that will be even more easy to integrate with (dev on that will start soon)

  • advancing on our holographic consensus protocols for richer set of use cases

  • start growing the team with few more hirinigs in process

starlite (@starlite_ab) followed up with, "what is planned for Q3 & Q4 pls?"

We will publish a very detailed roadmap for Q3 & Q4 in the coming weeks, but in very short it includes:

  • launch of the DAO stack on the mainnet
  • launch of Alchemy + several piloting (including Gensis DAO and a few others to be announced)
  • integration of several DApps (to be announced)
  • iteration on the DAO stack (mainly around the Arc framework) for better usability
  • developent of our native predictors interface
  • growing the open-source dev community around the project