Upcoming Partnerships and Integrations #fromtelegram


Q.) In our community Telegram it was asked by Sun (@Scm5sjc): "Matan - I hope you are well. Can you provide us with any information on when genesis alpha launches this month, and how new partnerships are progressing?

A.) From @matan [DAOstack Architect/CEO]:

Thanks :+1: , sure:

Genesis pilot (closed alpha) - due to tiny issues the date is to be finalized any day now, but rough estimate is end of next week.

Partnerships wise - we’ve started to move forward full gas into specification of integration (and dev + integration thereafter) with two external projects, one of which is Gnosis’s DutchX decentralized exchange. https://blog.gnosis.pm/user-groups-7ebe1f28d63a

The second project is still stealth, and I hope we could reveal the projet and have its product live on the ethereum main net (via DAOstack integration) in about 1-3 months.

There are severeal other projects in earlier stages in the pipeline for integration, including the ones already published (such as Sapien, Menlo and Culture) and others in processing which we cannot publish about yet. I expect a longer list of intergations already in process within 2-3 months from now (also as we grow our capcity to closely work with those projects).